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Università degli Studi di Palermo

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Università di Bonn



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2011 - Gullotti L., Friedrichs, N., Esch, C., Schuele, R., and Buettner, R. FHL2 expression in peritumoural fibroblasts correlates with lymphatic metastasis in sporadic but not in HNPCC-associated colon cancer. Lab Invest, 8:1695-705 (2011).2008 - Park, J., Will, C., Martin, B., Gullotti, L., Friedrichs, N., Buettner, R., Ludwig, S., and Wixler, V. Deficiency in the LIM-only protein FHL2 impairs assembly of extracellular matrix proteins. FASEB, 22(7): 2508-2520 (2008).2007 - Alessandro, R., Damiani F., Seidita G., Flugy A.M., Russo A., Corrado C., Colomba P., Gullotti L., Buettner R., Bruno L., and De Leo G. Role of S128R polymorphism of E-selectin in colon metastasis formation. Int J Cancer, 19: (2007).2007 - Wixler V., Hirner S., Müller J., Gullotti L., Günther T., Bosserhoff A., Schorle H., Schüle R., and Buettner R.. Deficiency in the LIM-only protein FHL2 impairs skin wound healing. J Cell Biol. 177(1): 163-172 (2007).2006 - Kahl, P., Gullotti, L., Heukamp, L., Wolf, S., Friedrichs, N., Vorreuther, R., Solleder, G., Bastian, P., Ellinger, J., Metzger, E., Schuele, R., and Buettner R. Androgen receptor coactivators LSD1 and FHL2 predict risk of prostate cancer recurrence Cancer Res. 66 (23): 11341-11347 (2006).2004 - Merkelbach-Bruse S., Hans V., Mathiak M., Sanguedolce R., Alessandro R., Ruschoff J., Buettner R., Houshdaran F., and Gullotti L., Associations between polymorphisms in the thymidilate synthase gene, the expression of thymidylate synthase mRNA and the microsatellite instability phenotype of colorectal cancer. Oncol. Rep. 11: 839-43 (2004).2000 - Sanguedolce R., Alessandro R., De Leo G., Gullotti L., Sanguedolce F., Voltaggio G., Diana G., Girello B., Rausa L. Failure of detection of the tyrosine to histidine substitution at the residue 33 of thymidylate synthase in human colorectal cancer. A preliminary study. Anticancer Res. 20: 4347-4350 (2000).